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Sane Friends

Flattering Women Across the City

After my weekly networking meeting this morning I was still dragging so I headed on over to Starbucks to get my chai latte and get all my goals for business. I know without them written down I will forget them. I plopped my stuff on the table when I walked in noticing an attractive woman with a laptop at the comfy chair next to it. At times we looked at each other and smiled. We small talked as we did business throughout the hour. I thought she was flirting with the lean forwards letting her blouse hang. I did get a referral for a friend of mine and on my way out I asked if she wanted to have drinks. However she said she had a boyfriend. She did say I was very handsome and that I had flattered her by asking. I tell you when I meet someone this whole list of possibilities run through my mind. Are they dating material, a patient, or a referral? It's just too much.

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