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Sane Friends

Monday's Musings

Wondering today if my friend Paul's father died or not. He told me Saturday that his father had taken a turn for the worse and I know he was already on borrowed time. I've left a few messages, but I still haven't heard anything back.

It is freakin' humid here today. I rarely put the AC on in my car, but today was one of those days. I finally was able to make it over to see my Mom today. Since I hadn't seen her in a few days I did her nails for her. It looked like someone had cut a nail or two of her's already, but they did a bad job. Finally I think I have the nail polish mixed enough that I get better coats with it.

Hoping to get back on schedule this week especially with the gym. I think having a permanent schedule at night will help. Last week's marathon week really tired me out and having my eating schedule messed with caused me to lose some weight which I'm not happy with.

Still no reply from Okie Girl, but since it was a surprise to hear from her no big deal. I like Becca's description of Young Thang for Diner Girl who I will see tomorrow. I'll flirt and see where it goes. That one I'll let her lead.

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