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Sane Friends

In the Valley

"The Valley" is something my friend Paul and I call the area we get in after the mountain peaks of stress that we get over. It is when in these valleys that it is the easiest to do something stupid. Enter Chamber lady at my networking event today. Every time I have met Chamber lady she has had a low cut blouse. I am not a breast man in the least, but I could look at her cleavage all day long. I tried to figure out why while I was staring, but she closed her sweater and I didn't know if I had been busted or not. Never a good feeling. It's like stealing cookies. It's great to you get caught. She took off the sweater a few minutes later so I didn't know. I have to admit as a guy goes I'm pretty good with this, but when I am in the valley sex is foremost in my mind. I also it's never a good time to start anything up. It's why I passed on Loan lady who had been staring at me from across the room. She was very attractive, but the valley really hinders my gut in telling me if this a good thing or not.

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