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Sane Friends

Post Concert Review

Well Robin made it down here fine even though it was an extremely long ride for her. I'm still amazed when I go to concerts down here that parking is free and they don't really check you when you go in. In NY I was use to everything just shy of a full body cavity search. I probably could of asked them to help me lift a case of C4 over the turnstile. We found out who Vanessa Carlton was when she did her last song which I have no idea the name of, but I've heard it before. How and where I haven't a clue. Stevie did a great job singing and with her many wardrobe changes. I wasn't quite sure if it was the high heels or a back issue that made her walking weird and her bending off. Oh well it's just the chiropractor in me.

The funniest thing, oh wait the second funniest thing was the women dropping her skirt to pee in the parking lot near us. The first funniest thing is that my housemate Mal is never there. She only slept at the house once last month and so far zero this month. Well we get back to the house last night and their's a note saying she has friends in town that will be staying over. Of all the nights! Anyway they stumbled in drunk at 5 am this morning. Oye. I knew they were drunk when they set their car alarm four times. Hopefully they will be better tonight since I am exhausted. I may go ape shit on some jerk wad that doesn't tip me tonight.

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