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Sane Friends


Wow what a difference a day makes. The humid meter went through the roof. I also can see that all the kids are out of school this week. Web browsing is very slow today. Not much going on today. My new patient from last week's health fair was a no show and I accidentally tossed her info sheet out so I can't call.

I was going to wait a little while longer to get a hair cut, but with today's heat I decided today was the day. Besides that I am practicing for my 10 minute presentation tomorrow. It's the easiest information wise presentation I have done, but I'm trying to go slow so that is making it harder. When I downshift my speed the brain stumbles.

Well the air guitar is getting a lot of work this summer. My landlord is heading back out again Thursday for a 2 week haul to Colorado. I guess it will be nice to have the house to myself, but since I am working at night again it isn't the same. Depending on who moves in when he gets back will decide if the meal plan stays in place. I like it. Having food made when I get home from work is great. Don't know it will be worked since my landlord is pretty anal about his stuff. Don't have to worry about it today since it may never come to pass.

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