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Did I Miss the Date

Was yesterday don't wear a wedding ring day for women? Did I miss it on the calendar. Did the notice get sent to my spam box?

I wasn't trying to pick up any women yesterday, but reflexes die hard. At out office block party, my co host's employee was flirting around with everyone. She didn't have a ring I noticed. Then as the party went on she ordered a burger for her husband that was on his way. WTF? Then later in the day I stopped in to order a sign for the office and one of the owners I know is married, I even talked to her husband that day, wasn't wearing her ring. Again WTF?

I mean I always hear the old story of the guy chucking his ring to hook up with someone. However these women, I have encountered others, weren't wearing their rings with no intention as far as I could tell of picking up anyone. If you are going to go through all the work of getting married and getting the ring. Why aren't you going to wear it. Maybe I'm just old fashioned. When I was married the only time I took mine off was when I though I might damage it like if I was working on the car or something. Besides that it was on 24/7.

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