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My journey through life and the lessons I learn to help me grow spiritually.

Sane Friends

Worn Out Weekend

I need a weekend to make up for my weekend. Since Winegirl was gone this weekend and I usually stay over the Comic's a lot. I invited her to stay the weekend at my place. As always we had lots of fun together with cooking, game playing, and watched a few movies. We did hook up with the singles Saturday to play some miniature golf that was lots of fun if not hot. One of the members said I had a fiery one this time which I had to agree on in terms of women.

I got the Comic a membership to the local rec center. So we went Saturday and Sunday to workout and we'll do that now as part of our weekends. I don't work out with anyone normally, but it was fun doing it with her. She joked all weekend that I was making her exercise and constantly eat. The Comic is trying to eat regularly instead of the 2 times a day she does now. I tell you by the time we go to bed, both of us are out like a light in a few minutes. I have no clue if it's the day or the sex. The Comic is enjoying joking that I go from rated G to X very fast and then back again.

It was interesting to have the Comic say how Eric looks up to me since he does so many things like me. It was strange feeling to have someone look up to me. It's one of those things of having to believe that I'm worth looking up to. On other news my ex said she never got my text so I did it again this morning so we'll see what happens.

I had the Comic help me with some sales stuff in the office. Wow she is good. Hell I should hire her to do the selling and I'll just treat.

Pacing Oneself

It's been a week of telling myself what I've been telling everyone else. To pace myself. I came back from vacation from Eric feeling this intense pressure to get so much done that I wanted to. It was all stressing me out especially when there were few deadlines besides the self imposed ones. A lot of that went out the window yesterday I'm happy to report.

The Comic and I finally got to see and hang out with each other after about 12 days. We find that we get stressed when we are away from each other. So yesterday I found myself very relaxed and accepting the fact that I was going to fall apart and come back together again for today. I ended getting a lot of stuff done yesterday with less stress that I had.

Okay I'm going to vomit on the page here just cause I need to get this stuff out of my head. The Comic is the only woman to make me feel so loved and accepted in life. It's hard for me to accept that it's from me being a nice guy and not from all the bad relationships she has had. I like that she has insight into my life which is very helpful. I'm trying not to focus on that she is also coming from a point of lower self esteem than myself. Lastly that she likes me intensely more than I like her. It's not to say that I don't like her, but it is a halogen bulb versus a normal one. No problems here, just a bunch of crap swimming in my mind.

My ex asked if I could get our son health insurance since she's having a hard time trying to show she makes nothing. Anyway she made it seem to me that it was time sensitive, like for school. So I texted her the information I needed Monday and still no response. Nothing new, but in the past this usually blows up at the last minute. I'm trying not to go there with I know how it will end up, but I'm trying to avoid the anxiety on my part.


After I dropped Eric off I finally got to walk around Chinatown.

As usual, I had my egg on a roll while I watched everyone work out. It's funny to see kung fu at one end of the park and dancing at the other. I didn't see the old woman spanking herself, but I did see an old guy pelvic thrusting a fence. I wanted to take a picture, but no one else was around him. I don't blame them.

Once you get off the main roads its all small streets packed with stores and eateries.

Temples dot the streets also.
The one thing that dominates the area is food stores. Fresh seafood and strange fruits like this dragon fruit are the main choices.

Looking around the Chinatown underground. There are a few of these spread through the neighborhood.

This celebrates all the Chinese immigrants that came to America.
This is Tinze Tzu who fought in the drug wars.

And Confucius says ....

Old men playing chess in the park.
Then it was Little Italy to see their festival. Here the only thing people are selling is food.

Outdoor restaurants litter the streets.

Many of the streets were blocked off so people could walk around.

A huge downpour ended my visit to the area. I just hoofed it over to the bus station once it stopped for awhile.

Coming to an End

Friday I was happy to take Eric to Fort Story Lighthouse. Not just for the sights and the long climb, but for something that happened 6 years ago when I was still married. We had gone to the lighthouse. On the way down Eric had been scared to climb down one ladder. It's oddly positioned so no one could carry him. So I had talked to him about it. His mom was at the bottom and I was at the top. So down he went. He was 75% of the way down doing a great job, when his mother snatched him off. I was pissed because his victory was taken from him due to her own feelings of helplessness. I knew this would be a recurring theme in his life. So I've wanted to take him back to let him do it again. I didn't tell him about the incident from then. He was scared again to go back down the ladder, but he did a fine job.

While this may not seem like much I find my son being scared of everything in life. I know it's my ex at work. We had to avoid so many places if we every had a incident in one. So I find if Eric had any problem in the past he gets very frightened of doing it again. Like he wanted to go to the batting range. I set him up and was watching him. He was swinging great, but wasn't hitting a thing and I had no idea why. So I stood behind him and found the reason. He was a mile away from the ball zone. I tried getting him closer, telling him the ball zone was marked with take on the ground. However he was too scared. He told me he had been hit with a ball once and didn't want to get hit again.

This scenario has come up many times in many shapes and forms. I've tried to explain to him that its the price of admission for doing these things. Bumps and bruises come with having fun.

The bus ride back was okay. I had broken sleep like usual. My ex, feeling guilty for not doing the airport bit, paid for my round trip taxi. It may also be a payoff for me paying for our son to get medical insurance. Who knows?

Anyway I spent the rest of the day walking around every street of Chinatown, some twice. Just looking around and window shopping. I didn't find anything for myself, but I did get the Comic a fat Buddha for luck. Then I headed up to look at the festival happening in Little Italy. Chinatown is all about imports for the customers. Little Italy is all about the food.

Up, Up and Away

Sorry I'm behind in posts. Friday Eric and I went to Fort Story lighthouse built in 1607. It was a steep climb up stairs to get there.

The view from the base was nice. Eric was already complaining about the stairs just getting to the lighthouse.
It continued on inside. I was happy there were windows to help keep the temperature manageable.

Nothing to be seen looking down except more stairs.

Triumphant at the top and a bit sweaty. We got take in the view.

Then it was back down the spiral stairs.

And down the long, steep steps.
It was then off across the street to the beach.

To cool off on the rocks.

To hang together.

A hot, but sweet victory of a visit.

Switching Tracks

What do I need more of? Another blog to write. Actually this time I'm breaking out into the professional realm. If you want to check it out here it is. The Comic mentioned to me that I should talk to my ex about her intruding in on my time with Eric. Since now the times for him to call are becoming specific during the day. Hey if her dad dies I'm good with anytime with him calling, but if everything is status quo. One call at the end of the day is good enough. I'll see what I do even though I know its a good thing. Just trained not to stir up the hornet's nest.

Pissed today that I got a ticket for a sign posted out front. I believe I can do so for 21 days. I have to find the rules to see if its worth fighting or paying the $200. The bigger thing is that I can switch the bad happening for me being a bad person. It's an old tape that comes up from time to time. I was able to switch tracks with it this morning, but it did take a while.

My good news came this morning with the mail. I got my new insurance and I'm level 1 again. The last time I had it I was level 3 since I was taking an anti-depressant. I was so pissed since I'm healthy in all other ways. So this time it was nice to save $100 a month.

Flying Kid @ Walmart

Well something smells rotten in NY. This time around Eric didn't have his cellphone, but he did have his glasses which I was happy for. I would have taken him to gotten them fixed if they weren't. Anyway he's been calling my ex twice a day which always interest me since I always have a hard time reaching him. So last night the text from her started being call ASAP. They talked in private for several minutes. When I asked Eric if everything was okay he said yes. This has continued today. My ex even complained that my appointment people were rude to her and she wanted a special way of getting around them. I told her to text like all my friends do. I know some shit is happening. The Comic pointed it out best. My ex is just trying to take control like always. The calls, the secrets, etc. My ex knows I would never deny Eric calling rights. As always Eric gets to be the pawn in all of this.

It was great today. It was pouring while we were waiting to leave Walmart. I went to get my car and Eric said he would just run in. It really started coming down when I pulled up. So I just opened the door and Eric pulled a superman right into the car. It was great. Hopefully it will be on the People of Walmart.

I blocked out all appointments today so Eric and I could hang. As always I had one patient that needed to be seen today. Since Eric and I weren't doing anything to planned I called and told them I could do it a 1pm. They couldn't and didn't want to do it tomorrow. I felt bad, but I have to keep what's important to me.

Their be Dinosaurs, Oh My

Come with us to on our way to find some dinosaurs. Today Eric and I headed over the Virginia Living Museum.

Besides their normal exhibits they had a traveling animatronic dinosaur exhibit. It was very well done.
Besides that Eric crawled into every crack and crevice to check out.
I was just happy he rarely asks me to come inside with him anymore. I think he sees as he gets bigger its harder for him to move around in there. At least he knows how I feel.
While the adventure was fun, dinosaurs and animals, I had to admit it was pricey for what it was. I hadn't been there in years. The last time was when I took Tech girl there. The dinosaurs made me spend the money, but normally the drive and the cost would make me avoid it.

Eric started reading the book I got him. It was perfect timing cause he was asking for a bookmark to keep his place. The Comic was coming in for treatment today since she hurt her back helping her son out yesterday. It was a perfect time to get the bookmark she made and I was able to give her the Chinese slipper replacements. This time they didn't stink.

It was good to see her after a few days. Especially since I won't see her till next Tuesday. I see that a week is about the time I start missing sex. It's funny when I'm not having it I don't miss it, but when I start the engine needs to run.

So far the week with Eric has been great. Tomorrow is our first day of no plans and no patients. Besides getting adjusted by OVDC which I'm dying for, we are totally free. Most likely we'll go to the pool to have some fun since it will be in the triple digits here. Not a big pool person, but I do what I gotta do. I may have to get my son a muzzle for Christmas. Boy can that boy chatter.

In My Dreams - Tricia

This time around I drop down out of my usual gaggle of 40's beauties. However Tricia Helfer is too attractive to pass up. For the non geeks out there, she played Caprica 6 on the new Battlestar Galactica. While on the show she was a platinum blond which I wasn't to crazy about. I like her better as a brunette.

Weekend Adventure

One thing I do miss when I'm with Eric is my quiet time. With every 45 seconds out of 60 consumed by chatter about Pokemon or Disney Channel. I feel the stress. I do enjoy my son, but this is my hardship with him.

Anyway I survived my trip to NYC. The bus rides were a bit bumpy. My pickup bus had a flat tire and ended up leaving 2 hours later. Besides that it was uneventful. I got to walk around Chinatown and Tribeca. I already have my routine down of grabbing and egg sandwich at a deli and watching the Chinese exercise at the park. Then I walked deeper into Chinatown than last time and I was to find the Comic some slippers to replace the smelly ones from China. These were only $5. I could have saved myself so much money. Next time there I'll look around for some stuff for me.

The subway worked like a charm and was so much cheaper than the taxi. It was Eric's first time on a subway and he enjoyed it. At first he was apprehensive, but now he's looking forward to going on it again. Our ride back on the bus was rough. We had two Chinese guys behind us chatting the whole 7 hours very loudly.

Eric and Winegirl's dog Cricket have bonded very well. Yesterday we got to do a golf ball hunt in the backyard which revealed 15 balls. There were a few others, but we didn't feel like digging in the bushes for them.

I was very happy yesterday when Eric wanted to go on the ferry. I've wanted to ride the one here for years, but no one has wanted to. He really enjoyed it like I did. Then we went over to the Nauticus museum to see everything.Today has been a day around the office. I have to admit when he's here the phone rings more than normal. He did get to meet the Comic today for a few seconds. I saw a cheap dresser for her new grandson so I picked it up for her. However it was too big for my car so she had to come pick it up from us. Now it's off to another adventure.

Dead Dog

As you can see I have a dead dog in my place. This is Cricket who lives with me. She loves having her belly rubbed and will lie in front of you like this in hopes of a belly rub. She was lying like this for 10 minutes before this picture was taken.

I'm counting down to my bus ride to NY. I have one more patient then I'm heading home for a quick dinner and sleep. I'll probably get up at 10 to finish getting ready to go. I'm hoping to sleep some on the trip, but I'm not hopeful. I did grab a massage with MT to help keep me in shape since OVDC is on vacation this week and I can't get my weekly adjustment.

The Comic became a grandmother again last night when her oldest boy had a son. Both mother and baby are doing well.

I'm having to get use to my Blackberry all over again since now it's a blueberry. I got a new blue cover since the damaged one I replaced it with was a bit used. It's nice to see it all nice and shiny, just like it was out of the box. Well at least out of the envelope from China.

I'll try to keep everyone updated on my time with Eric, but since I have limited office hours. I won't be around the computer that much.

Games People Play

I have to admit I enjoy having the Comic over to my place. We make a good team in making dinner. Last night I was cooking ginger chicken and she helped. Boy can that woman cut up meat. She said she would cut the chicken up. I turned around to take care of the broccoli and when I turned around it was all in nice cubes. I think she may of had it stored in her pocket to fool me. Anyway I could tell she enjoyed the finished meal since she devoured it quickly leaving me eating mine for quite some time. We then tag teamed the clean up and it was done pretty darn fast. The rest of the night we spent playing board games. I taught her how to play Pente and Othello. She enjoyed both, but I kicked her ass in both. This made up for the night before when she was queen of Sequence. I tell you when we're in our little bubble of just the two of us life is grand. Her family invaded a few times with news they wanted her to tell everyone else with. I suggested she just text them back that your phone was dying and couldn't do it. She loved that and it worked like a charm.

This morning also marked the last time I'll see the Comic for a while since Eric will be here all next week. We're going to miss each other. However we have scattered plans till the end of the year of things and parties we are attending.

I'm gearing up for Eric's visit. I'm planning on sleeping before I get on the bus since I'm not able to sleep on it. If I do conk out it, great. If not, I already got some sleep. Hopefully their will be no bus or subway troubles this time. Food shopping was done today. Buying a different line of food just for Eric is a bit of a pain since space is limited in the pantry. Hopefully his palate has grown in the last month.

The Boot

Welcome to post 1701. I've made some changes to the place if you haven't been here since yesterday. I found out that blogger now allows you to add pages to your blog. It's not just for Wordpress anymore. If this option has been around for a while don't bust my bubble. Anyway I rearranged my blog to make some pages. The only problem is that they are so small, I doubt if anyone will every find them.

Anyway it's been a day of saying good by to AOL and saying hi to aol.com. For some of you this may sound like gibberish, but I'm now accessing my AOL from Firefox to keep my computer running faster and to use many programs instead of bouncing them back and forth. I can finally use my Outlook to write and send email. It's taking a lot of time since I have a lot of stuffed saved on AOL from many years of using it.

I'm starting to get tired of this daily new patient I have scheduled and them not showing up. Gets old really fast let me tell you. I may have to track them down and egg their house or something.

In a freak tie clip accident yesterday I lost a piece of my finger tip. Okay at least several layers of skin. I'm not quite sure how it was happening. I was just taking them out of the back they were shipped in when I was wondering what this liquid was all over them. It took me a while to realize it was my own blood. Oh well.
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