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Sane Friends

Flying Kid @ Walmart

Well something smells rotten in NY. This time around Eric didn't have his cellphone, but he did have his glasses which I was happy for. I would have taken him to gotten them fixed if they weren't. Anyway he's been calling my ex twice a day which always interest me since I always have a hard time reaching him. So last night the text from her started being call ASAP. They talked in private for several minutes. When I asked Eric if everything was okay he said yes. This has continued today. My ex even complained that my appointment people were rude to her and she wanted a special way of getting around them. I told her to text like all my friends do. I know some shit is happening. The Comic pointed it out best. My ex is just trying to take control like always. The calls, the secrets, etc. My ex knows I would never deny Eric calling rights. As always Eric gets to be the pawn in all of this.

It was great today. It was pouring while we were waiting to leave Walmart. I went to get my car and Eric said he would just run in. It really started coming down when I pulled up. So I just opened the door and Eric pulled a superman right into the car. It was great. Hopefully it will be on the People of Walmart.

I blocked out all appointments today so Eric and I could hang. As always I had one patient that needed to be seen today. Since Eric and I weren't doing anything to planned I called and told them I could do it a 1pm. They couldn't and didn't want to do it tomorrow. I felt bad, but I have to keep what's important to me.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Sometimes you're own life has to come first. I had two people this week cancel first time appointments and ask to reschedule for Friday. Well, I had already booked Friday off to send time with someone, and I had ot say sorry, how about next week. Neither of them were happy about it either. Oh well.

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