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A New Skill

Well I learned a new skill over the weekend. How to take a part and put back together a Blackberry. I awoke yesterday and looked at my phone to find the screen broken. I was surprised since it was still sitting on the dresser. When I mentioned it to the Comic she was very upset. She had knocked it during the night and didn't know it had broken. I wasn't to upset. I just did a Google search on replacement parts since I knew Sprint would ass rape me to repair it. Luckily the Comic had a dead Blackberry which she offered for parts. The problem was that it was pink. However her working one was red like mine. So I took apart 3 Blackberries to make two new ones. Mine is fully functional and looking good. The Comic has a nice pink one that she likes and I have something else to put on my resume.

The emotional drain I'm feeling is still pretty high. There are times that my body is good, but it feels like a shade has been pulled over my brain. I'm not liking it. Today I did drag my ass to the gym to get back in the swing of things there.

The weekend with the Comic went very well. We spent time with her mom and sister playing cards Saturday. Then I made her dinner and I we watched Bolt. The Comic loved it which made me happy since I liked it a lot. Yesterday we went to my storage unit and cleaned that up. I can't believe how much stuff was tossed out and that I still have stuff in there.

Their is possible change happening at my home front. The Dude and Winegirl got in an argument the other night with him saying he was moving out. He's 27 and wants to use the place as a dorm party place almost. It's not going over well with Winegirl. I don't care whether he stays or goes, just as long as there is order. However it is another change in my fragile ecosystem and it's playing rough on me.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Good job on fixing the phones. How weird to wake up and find it broken.


Getting your tail back into the gym is probably the best thing you can do, save spending time with Comic. It's amazing what that can do for your body, mind and spirit!


I agree with John. The gym helps me with all aspects of life.


You're practically Macgyver over there!

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