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I have to admit I enjoy having the Comic over to my place. We make a good team in making dinner. Last night I was cooking ginger chicken and she helped. Boy can that woman cut up meat. She said she would cut the chicken up. I turned around to take care of the broccoli and when I turned around it was all in nice cubes. I think she may of had it stored in her pocket to fool me. Anyway I could tell she enjoyed the finished meal since she devoured it quickly leaving me eating mine for quite some time. We then tag teamed the clean up and it was done pretty darn fast. The rest of the night we spent playing board games. I taught her how to play Pente and Othello. She enjoyed both, but I kicked her ass in both. This made up for the night before when she was queen of Sequence. I tell you when we're in our little bubble of just the two of us life is grand. Her family invaded a few times with news they wanted her to tell everyone else with. I suggested she just text them back that your phone was dying and couldn't do it. She loved that and it worked like a charm.

This morning also marked the last time I'll see the Comic for a while since Eric will be here all next week. We're going to miss each other. However we have scattered plans till the end of the year of things and parties we are attending.

I'm gearing up for Eric's visit. I'm planning on sleeping before I get on the bus since I'm not able to sleep on it. If I do conk out it, great. If not, I already got some sleep. Hopefully their will be no bus or subway troubles this time. Food shopping was done today. Buying a different line of food just for Eric is a bit of a pain since space is limited in the pantry. Hopefully his palate has grown in the last month.

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I just decided to have knee replacement surgery at the VA- Milwaukee. Prayers requested.

Tom S
Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70
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Sounds like things are moving along nicely in your life right now! Yay!


Or how about just not answering the phone? That's what voicemail is for.

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