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Way Behind

I used to think, "man these people don't write enough entries." Jeez since Eric's last visit I don't seem to be able to catch up with everyone on my Google reader. What happened? I tell you what has happened is that it doesn't bother me that I have entries unread. I can get a bit anal about that, but week after week of things still being there have broken me of it.

Well I'm patiently waiting to leave to go do my presentation on Stress Management tonight. It's a sold out house of 21. I'm hoping the Mexican place got my instructions correct. No offense, but everyone there doesn't have great English so I worry. However I'll get there early to make sure.

It's been a mildly bumpy day here. Everyone that I normally talk to is in crisis mode today so I haven't been able to share my stuff, but on a positive note that means I'm doing pretty well with not much going on. Hey maybe I'll throw that in the presentation tonight.

I went to see my first 3D movie last night. It was Shrek 4 which I enjoyed. I was very impressed with the 3D. It was leaps and bounds over the red and green glasses. I have to admit I even flinched a couple of times. However after the movie. Oh did my brain hurt for a good long while. I'm not quite sure why, but 3D played havoc with me.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I still haven't tried a 3D movie. Sounds pretty cool.


3-D messes with my mind. I don't like it. How did the presentation go?

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