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Weekend Adventure

One thing I do miss when I'm with Eric is my quiet time. With every 45 seconds out of 60 consumed by chatter about Pokemon or Disney Channel. I feel the stress. I do enjoy my son, but this is my hardship with him.

Anyway I survived my trip to NYC. The bus rides were a bit bumpy. My pickup bus had a flat tire and ended up leaving 2 hours later. Besides that it was uneventful. I got to walk around Chinatown and Tribeca. I already have my routine down of grabbing and egg sandwich at a deli and watching the Chinese exercise at the park. Then I walked deeper into Chinatown than last time and I was to find the Comic some slippers to replace the smelly ones from China. These were only $5. I could have saved myself so much money. Next time there I'll look around for some stuff for me.

The subway worked like a charm and was so much cheaper than the taxi. It was Eric's first time on a subway and he enjoyed it. At first he was apprehensive, but now he's looking forward to going on it again. Our ride back on the bus was rough. We had two Chinese guys behind us chatting the whole 7 hours very loudly.

Eric and Winegirl's dog Cricket have bonded very well. Yesterday we got to do a golf ball hunt in the backyard which revealed 15 balls. There were a few others, but we didn't feel like digging in the bushes for them.

I was very happy yesterday when Eric wanted to go on the ferry. I've wanted to ride the one here for years, but no one has wanted to. He really enjoyed it like I did. Then we went over to the Nauticus museum to see everything.Today has been a day around the office. I have to admit when he's here the phone rings more than normal. He did get to meet the Comic today for a few seconds. I saw a cheap dresser for her new grandson so I picked it up for her. However it was too big for my car so she had to come pick it up from us. Now it's off to another adventure.

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