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Sane Friends


After I dropped Eric off I finally got to walk around Chinatown.

As usual, I had my egg on a roll while I watched everyone work out. It's funny to see kung fu at one end of the park and dancing at the other. I didn't see the old woman spanking herself, but I did see an old guy pelvic thrusting a fence. I wanted to take a picture, but no one else was around him. I don't blame them.

Once you get off the main roads its all small streets packed with stores and eateries.

Temples dot the streets also.
The one thing that dominates the area is food stores. Fresh seafood and strange fruits like this dragon fruit are the main choices.

Looking around the Chinatown underground. There are a few of these spread through the neighborhood.

This celebrates all the Chinese immigrants that came to America.
This is Tinze Tzu who fought in the drug wars.

And Confucius says ....

Old men playing chess in the park.
Then it was Little Italy to see their festival. Here the only thing people are selling is food.

Outdoor restaurants litter the streets.

Many of the streets were blocked off so people could walk around.

A huge downpour ended my visit to the area. I just hoofed it over to the bus station once it stopped for awhile.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Very cool! I wish I could see the old lady spanking herself... I think. ;)

Thanks for sharing the pics.


That Dragonfruit looked like it might jump up and eat you before you eat it! ha..ha... Neat pictures and neat experience. I especially liked the dichotomy between Chinatown and Little Italy.

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