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If It's Too Hot in the Kitchen

Well with a few changes at the end, my presentation on Stress Management went well. I had 20 people show up. 2 of which I have no idea how they got invited, but they want to become patients. Either way I don't mind. The only problem was that their AC broke and I was upstairs. Damn physics with its heat rising rule. It was hot, but bearable. My sponsors had goody bags made up from the Dollar store which gave the table a nice colorful look. Everyone enjoyed themselves for which I was happy. I gave everyone choices for next time around and I'm going to do one on sleep next month.

I arrived home last night to find that the Dude had moved out. No biggie. Winegirl emailed me to let me know her old friend was moving back in. He had gotten a place for awhile that was free rent so he took it. Now that it's over he's coming back. She says he's a better fit which will be good.

The Comic is under stress today. Her aunt is having surgery to have a large cancer removed from her which they found has metastasized. They want to do chemo, but she's 88 with Alzheimer's. Not quite sure if it's worth all the stress it will put on the woman. The Comic also found out that her mom's aneurysm has grown and she needs surgery. Hopefully they can do it up through the groin. Not quite sure how she will be if they have to cut her open. I know the Comic is worried after just losing her dad in May.

I'll probably start doing some research for myself to do a personal service for my Mom down at the beach. I have the music picked out, but want to have some kind of order. So Google will have something for me.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Yeah... anyone that you decided to nickname "the Dude" was probably not going to be a good fit in the house anyway. Besides, who has the time or energy for all that Frat House style living? ;)

I'm sure you will do a lovely ceremony for your Mom. Good luck!


I hope that things go well for the comics family.

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