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Switching Tracks

What do I need more of? Another blog to write. Actually this time I'm breaking out into the professional realm. If you want to check it out here it is. The Comic mentioned to me that I should talk to my ex about her intruding in on my time with Eric. Since now the times for him to call are becoming specific during the day. Hey if her dad dies I'm good with anytime with him calling, but if everything is status quo. One call at the end of the day is good enough. I'll see what I do even though I know its a good thing. Just trained not to stir up the hornet's nest.

Pissed today that I got a ticket for a sign posted out front. I believe I can do so for 21 days. I have to find the rules to see if its worth fighting or paying the $200. The bigger thing is that I can switch the bad happening for me being a bad person. It's an old tape that comes up from time to time. I was able to switch tracks with it this morning, but it did take a while.

My good news came this morning with the mail. I got my new insurance and I'm level 1 again. The last time I had it I was level 3 since I was taking an anti-depressant. I was so pissed since I'm healthy in all other ways. So this time it was nice to save $100 a month.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Fancy new blog, Doc! Love the green on your first post...a healing color.

Good news in the mail always makes my day. Woo-hoo for being level 1 again!


Congrats on the new blog Mike!!

An extra $100? Woohoo is right!!

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