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Up, Up and Away

Sorry I'm behind in posts. Friday Eric and I went to Fort Story lighthouse built in 1607. It was a steep climb up stairs to get there.

The view from the base was nice. Eric was already complaining about the stairs just getting to the lighthouse.
It continued on inside. I was happy there were windows to help keep the temperature manageable.

Nothing to be seen looking down except more stairs.

Triumphant at the top and a bit sweaty. We got take in the view.

Then it was back down the spiral stairs.

And down the long, steep steps.
It was then off across the street to the beach.

To cool off on the rocks.

To hang together.

A hot, but sweet victory of a visit.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Great pics...my husband was stationed at Fort Story years ago. Its been a long time since we have seen it. Thanks


Looks nice to me. I love that you look out over the ocean!

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