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Friday I was happy to take Eric to Fort Story Lighthouse. Not just for the sights and the long climb, but for something that happened 6 years ago when I was still married. We had gone to the lighthouse. On the way down Eric had been scared to climb down one ladder. It's oddly positioned so no one could carry him. So I had talked to him about it. His mom was at the bottom and I was at the top. So down he went. He was 75% of the way down doing a great job, when his mother snatched him off. I was pissed because his victory was taken from him due to her own feelings of helplessness. I knew this would be a recurring theme in his life. So I've wanted to take him back to let him do it again. I didn't tell him about the incident from then. He was scared again to go back down the ladder, but he did a fine job.

While this may not seem like much I find my son being scared of everything in life. I know it's my ex at work. We had to avoid so many places if we every had a incident in one. So I find if Eric had any problem in the past he gets very frightened of doing it again. Like he wanted to go to the batting range. I set him up and was watching him. He was swinging great, but wasn't hitting a thing and I had no idea why. So I stood behind him and found the reason. He was a mile away from the ball zone. I tried getting him closer, telling him the ball zone was marked with take on the ground. However he was too scared. He told me he had been hit with a ball once and didn't want to get hit again.

This scenario has come up many times in many shapes and forms. I've tried to explain to him that its the price of admission for doing these things. Bumps and bruises come with having fun.

The bus ride back was okay. I had broken sleep like usual. My ex, feeling guilty for not doing the airport bit, paid for my round trip taxi. It may also be a payoff for me paying for our son to get medical insurance. Who knows?

Anyway I spent the rest of the day walking around every street of Chinatown, some twice. Just looking around and window shopping. I didn't find anything for myself, but I did get the Comic a fat Buddha for luck. Then I headed up to look at the festival happening in Little Italy. Chinatown is all about imports for the customers. Little Italy is all about the food.

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