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Welcome to post 1701. I've made some changes to the place if you haven't been here since yesterday. I found out that blogger now allows you to add pages to your blog. It's not just for Wordpress anymore. If this option has been around for a while don't bust my bubble. Anyway I rearranged my blog to make some pages. The only problem is that they are so small, I doubt if anyone will every find them.

Anyway it's been a day of saying good by to AOL and saying hi to aol.com. For some of you this may sound like gibberish, but I'm now accessing my AOL from Firefox to keep my computer running faster and to use many programs instead of bouncing them back and forth. I can finally use my Outlook to write and send email. It's taking a lot of time since I have a lot of stuffed saved on AOL from many years of using it.

I'm starting to get tired of this daily new patient I have scheduled and them not showing up. Gets old really fast let me tell you. I may have to track them down and egg their house or something.

In a freak tie clip accident yesterday I lost a piece of my finger tip. Okay at least several layers of skin. I'm not quite sure how it was happening. I was just taking them out of the back they were shipped in when I was wondering what this liquid was all over them. It took me a while to realize it was my own blood. Oh well.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Shuddup! You can add new pages?! This is so exciting I may have to forgo a few hours of Real Housewives...

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