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Stolen Innocence

Being at a milestone in my relationship with the Comic did one thing for me, push me away from her.  While I kept myself tethered to her over the last few days doing all my normal stuff that I would do in a relationship.  I didn't feel the connection like I had been.   
It came up last night when we were talking about my stuff in my room.  Some parts of it still don't feel like mine, while others I've owned.  The Comic pointed out that so much of my life was ripped away from me that I would feel apprehensive about enjoying my stuff again.  And their it was.  Why I was feeling unconnected to her?  The Comic is important to me and I love her very much.  So there is a lot of chance to be hurt if I lose her like I've loss things and people before.  So as usual, I started backing out the door a little.  Not fully out, but I was making sure I was protected if everything was pulled away.  Health?  Sane?  No.  I know that, but it's reflexive.  It was nice to talk to her about it and have her accept it.  Plus having her reaffirm to me how much I mean to her was very helpful.  I have to admit that is her best quality.  The Comic always affirms where I am in her life which is a good thing for me. 

Bit tired today.  I went over early to see the Comic and family in the hospital since her mom is having surgery today.  I've come to know her mom pretty well since we end up talking twice a week when she comes in for treatment.  I still find it weird to have an adopted family that I cherish more than my blood one. 

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I don't find the adopted family situation you are in odd at all.
My father used to call my(ex) bf's daughter his granddaughter by choice. I found that just perfect.
Beautiful too.


Isn't it nice when the person you love understands your actions/feelings better than YOU do?

Yep. I love it too.

She sounds perfect for you.


It's great that she reaffirms how much you mean to her. It's important when we come to that point where we question things (and we all question things).

I also think it's cool that you're feeling a connection to her family. Your honesty is one of your finest qualities, my friend. I can see why she's into you.


We are alike in so many ways, my friend. I am approaching a year with The Man and he just had to have an "Are we on the same page" conversation with me this week.


Mary - yeah I've seen it many time with others, but never thought I would find myself in it.

T - Yes I do. It's very refreshing.

Ily - It's huge with me. Having been broken down most of my life its nice to be built back up.

TOM - one year already? Wow time flies. Congrats.

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