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The Games People Play

As any person knows there are plenty of people out there trying to separate you from your money.  I know I'm on several mailing lists of outed rulers of foreign countries needing my help with their finances.  My being a helpful guy must be getting around.  

A few weeks ago I got a message from a guy from Britain wanting to get care for his employees while they were here for a month.  Naturally I'm suspicious of this kind of stuff, but I do hold a grain of salt to all of them.  Why you might ask?  Well a few months back I got one of these suspicious emails in my box from someone in Korea wanting treatment while they were here visiting.  Like crazy people if you give them enough time they show their true faces.  Hey I've been in enough relationships to see this happen.  Anyway the lady from Korea was truthful, believe me I was shocked to when she showed up for treatment.  

However my boys from across the pond are the usual scam type.  There's the promise of a lot of business, but payment is through this long convuluted way which you would need a PhD in metaphysics to understand.  Oh well I'll miss my pen pal from the water.

The last one is a true pain in the ass.  My answering service seems to be milking me and me with out boobs makes it quite painful.  Since my bill doubled last month I asked for a breakdown of the calls.  How someone talked 15 minutes to leave a message is beyond me.  So my service could be ending soon if they can't correct this problem.  

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Yeah, say bye bye to that answering service ! It's like doing you from behind with not even so much as a kiss after. How rude !


What my spam filter doesn't catch I just delete without reading if I don't recognize the sender. I'd treat the answering service the same way - ditch 'em.

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