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Wow a whole week without a post.  Keep meaning to do it, but then I was home with no computer.  This week has been busy as hell.  While actual business is up a little it was seminar last weekend that has filled this week up.  I originally wasn't looking forward to the seminar, but it kept my attention for 12 hours.  Mostly through fear.  It was on risk management and documentation.  The speaker started off with malpractice stats down to 1 in 6 doctors are now being sued since it was an easy 35k or at least that's what the attorneys are saying.  So it's a ton more paperwork for you to fill out when you go to your doctor's office.  All my extra time this week is changing forms around and making sure there are no leaks in my business.  The hardest part was vomiting all the information out of my skull so I can comprehend it all.  My brain was sore and full after I left the first day of listening.

It was very interesting when the Comic and I were eating the other night to have her say, "when we get married...".  Honestly it didn't phase me in the least, it was just different.  Mostly because when my ex use to talk about it I would freak.  This time around I'm okay with it.  I'm not looking to get married tomorrow and the Comic has no timetable, but we do really like each other.  Both of us are starting to include the other in long term plans.  So I guess it's a natural extension of the thought process.  Pretty cool though.

I don't think that I mentioned that my ex had Eric call me to say that he didn't want to fly down here during the school year.  I usually can tell where it's coming from when he calls and doesn't get to the point right away.  He avoids it like the plague.  So I guess I'll be driving up for a while longer.  My ex was fast to follow up wondering if I was going to cover Eric with health insurance so she doesn't have to prove how much money she isn't making.  Part of me wants to tell her to go screw herself, but like always it concerns Eric so it will happen.  

Hopefully I will be able to stay more regular again with entries while I make changes here at the office.  I'm trying to keep my blog reader under 100 entries, but it's a battle I'm losing.

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Great to hear an update on your life! Sounds busy but good too!

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