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Boomerang Women

It seems its old flame week here in my region.  Don't think its a full moon so I'm not quite sure what's causing it all.  Maybe it's all the rain in the area and people are thinking Noah's ark and need to shack up with someone in the end.

My ex called me the other night an emotional mess.  I didn't pick up since I always want to evaluate where she's at before I go putting my hand in that food processor.  She wanted to talk to someone who would understand why her father's death would be so great to her.  Her best friend and myself seem to be it since the rest of the family doesn't care as much.  Like the old days, I gave her some options on different grief groups that she could look into since the one she went for her mom worked well.  It just wasn't available anymore.  It was a very weird conversation to say the least.  The best part of it was I got to find out how Eric was doing through all this from someone else.  She said he was still angry over the death and that he was trying to make her happy.  He's so my son.  She did end with apologizing for everything she "might" have done over the years. I love the term might.  Takes the whole responsibility right out of there. 

Saturday morning I awoke with a voice mail done at 7:40 am.  Who the hell are these people that are awake this early?  I know it's not me.  Anyway I listen and its a woman named Karen who knows me from a while ago and wants to know if I'm working that day.  I don't know any Karen's except for a patient that was just in the night before.  Plus she called me Mike.  So I'm trying to think through my dating history.  It takes several listen throughs before I realize its Kitcat.  She kept my number?  Then she text the same question.  After a while I just text her back that no I wasn't working and to call the office Monday for an appointment.  After her acknowledgment she asked how I was doing. I didn't answer that part.  I'll be happy to take her money, but that is it.  So we'll see.  I probably should pass her on to someone else. 

3 people had cathartic therapy:

The exes always come back - if not in the real world, through facebook. Great picture/icon, by the way.


I have very friendly relationships with my exes whom I had LTRs with, but otherwise, thankfully, the others do not contact me. ~Mary


Robyn - I'm finding that out.

Mary - Same here. Kitcat never called today and hopefully she will let it go. She tried FB 2 months ago.

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