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Sane Friends

Old Tapes a Playing

I'll be sequestered most of this coming weekend behind closed doors for my continuing education credits.  Since I won't be seeing much of the Comic and our relationship time is important to me I decided to take this morning off so we could spend some time together.  We had made a bathroom pit stop on our window shopping expedition.  So while the Comic was using the facilities I was looking at my Facebook and got 2 free tickets to see J. Medicine Hat tonight at the Funny Bone.  When the Comic came out, she asked if I would mind if she left to go see help her cousin who was moving and would be back Saturday.  

I told her I didn't mind, but I pointed out she was doing her usual of putting everyone else first and herself last, something I know well.  We talked for awhile on it and I asked her to go tomorrow so we could spend tonight together like we had planned.  However I was in a bit of a tailspin.  This change of direction of her brought up old feelings.  Whether it is healthy or not, I have a pecking order in my mind.  My Mom use to knock me off it when a man came in her life so I'm extremely sensitive to it.  So the Comic's quick change of who she was doing things with really bothered me.  

At our next stop I told her I was bothered and the reason.  She apologized and said I was important to her, but that she has been alone for so long she sometimes doesn't take the other person into view.  So we both got to talk about how we were feeling and to come closer.  She's going to stay with me tonight and head up to her cousin's for 2 days and be back for a Halloween party Saturday night.

A question for you all.  We went to the movies with the singles last night.  Asp who never comes out, came.  She and others sat someplace else in the theater.  Should I be telling the Comic who I've dated before or after hand these women.  I was going to tell her after wards since Asp is flaky on making it out.  Since we never interacted I didn't say anything.  Views?  

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Since you didn't have to interact with the person from your past, I can't see any good reason for telling. I know I wouldn't particularly want to know.


That is sort of tricky for me.
Sometimes "I dated her/him" can sound almost like bragging if there isn't a good reason to bring it up. BUT, I've dated men who've been annoyed that I didn't mention it to them until they "found out."
Honestly, to me, there was nothing to "find out." But, as I wrote, I think some people like to know.
Personally, I still don't mention it unless it was a long-term relationship.


Thanks ladies. My general rule is not to say anything unless I'm asked or they will meet often. I told the Comic about the Photographer since they bonded pretty quickly and if they become friends I don't want any surprises.


I think it would be awkward to just bring it up like that. If she was someone you both would be seeing on a regular basis, a quick mention would suffice, but you don't owe her some long, drawn out explanation IMO.

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