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I'm Turning Japanese

Since the weather has finally started to cool off here I went to my storage unit to finish purging stuff.  I still have boxes of stuff from 6 years ago when I was still married.  The Comic helped me out greatly.  She'll just say she stood around while I did all the heavy stuff.  However just like I'm color blind and can't tell certain things the same goes for tossing stuff out.  

I've moved a lot in life and have gotten so use to stuff being tossed out that it's hard for me to determine what should stay and what should go.  I usually go with how hard is it to decide to keep or not. Hence having stuff in their for 6 years.  

Anyway I was going through one box and I found a fantasy knife I had bought almost 10 years ago.  I had thought it very cool, but my ex didn't and it ended up in a box.  So when I saw it Saturday I handed it to the Comic to give to her son since I knew he would like it.  The Comic took one look at it and feel in love with it and told me I had to keep it since it was way cool.

So I took a step out on a limb and showed her all my Japanese anime stuff I had stored.  I've always loved it, but never really found a woman who did.  So again it was packed away.  The Comic had me take this out too and we ran around yesterday looking for a display for them all.  We finally when with a media cabinet and spent an hour or so putting it together and placing everything.  Plus I had to give background on everything which was fun.

It was nice re-attaching parts of myself that I had either loss or just shunned for so long.  Also to have someone I care about want me to and want to share it with me was the best.

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All I can say is: Yup, you really like her. Good luck to both of you.

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