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Working Hard

I tell you trying to work at a higher performance level is mentally tiring. Mostly because I'm pushing the envelope in areas that I try to avoid.  At the least just dip my toes in.  However it did help me generate more money this week which I have to remember to keep doing it.  I also understand why they really push having the time off to regenerate yourself.  I've gotten much better with that over the years, but I really see it now.  I also see that in the coming years I'll need to change my game plan about having someone work for me in the office.  I can still treat 80-100 patients a day like I use to since it's fun and easy.  However money collection, appointments, etc. just drain the shit out of me.  So my goal now is to get a second room going and then cut hours to the the times that I have patients, concentrating when I busy to make it really busy.

Finally catching up on blogs.  I think I have only 50 entries left.  Hey I even commented on my own comments. So I'm getting there.  Starting a new life is always difficult since you need to grieve for the old one.  

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I hate that part of practice. I especially loathe dealing with insurance companies.

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