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The Comic and I went to the Stockley Gardens Art show Saturday to look at all the art and jewelry.  It was the first fall show that hasn't been miserable in a long while.  We both picked up a few items. I originally didn't think I was going to get anything since I wasn't seeing anything I liked.  However I found the artist who I picked up her Guardian Angel pick which I liked last year.  I enjoyed her enchanted tree picture, but her Earth Angel was my decision since it would work well with what I already had on my wall.  So when I was finished paying for it, the Comic asked for her card.  She pointed out that she had Michael the archangel after it. The way she said it hit a chord in me so I went back and got one.  However her husband went to their car to get me a different matted one because she said my favorite color was blue.  She was right, but it was really weird since I didn't mention it nor was I blue boy clothes wise that day.
It was a beautiful day Sunday so I took the Comic to sit out on the water and have some steamed shrimp.  It reminded me of my first few years of life growing up on the water.  Plus the few good memories of my Dad and I which involved fishing and ham sandwiches.  Mostly because he was more involved with me when we were on the boat instead of when we were at his place or bars.  

The Comic and I laid around last night looking at my room with all the new decorations in it.  She brought up things 5 years from now.  So I asked her what her plans were for then.  She was hesitant to say them less she jinx herself.  However we both agreed that we wanted to be together then.  We talked about what kind of place would be nice to live.   It was the first time in a long time I've talked about a future with someone.  It was very nice. 

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Glad you and the comic had a good time!


I'm guessing(from several of the posts) that she is helping you modify your mental dynamic..in a very healthy way.
Major congrats. ~Mary

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