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Sorry I haven't been around in a few days. The weekends are now a pretty much no blog zone since the Comic and I are out someplace doing something.  However I couldn't pass up the good news that today marks 4 months with the Comic.  Applause please.  4 months is my record which was held with the Planner 2 years ago.  Actually this is about the time we broke up.  Anyhow like OVDC pointed out I really don't have any complaints or concerns with the Comic so we are still full steam ahead.

Anyhow about not blogging as much.  I'm trying to concentrate my energy at work to be on work.  Yes I know shockingI'm going through Facebook and Google reader withdrawal.  However I'm getting more done which is important in making more money which is my goal.  Reviewing my stats showed me I'm down 30% in new patients this year which is huge and the reason I'm making less money this year.  I'm really feeling the loss of those extra dollars since I don't have much excess yet.  So I'm cutting out the fat and doing my recreational Internet activities after hours.  Tonight I didn't feel like bringing the laptop home so I'm doing this before I shoot out of here.  

I have to admit I did "slip" a few times and do some surfing, but it was minimal.  I'll be starting a 12 step group on it by the end of the week.  Besides celebrating 4 months today the best thing that happened was that I walked out of my business meeting today with no responsibilities.  Well I still have some since I hold a minor position, but it was so nice to be talk to him, that's his job now.    

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Congrats on your milestone, my friend!


Happy Anniversary and congratulations! Four months means something.

I hope you don't give up blogging and FB altogether, but I can understand living life is more important than writing about it. Keep on keepin' on, my friend! It's all lookin' good.


Happy Anniversary.
Blogging can be fun, but being fully engaged in your actual life is much better. The 2 can coexist, but I'd sacrifice the first for the second anytime & everytime.


Good for you.

But really? 4 months is your record?


Thanks everyone. Any yes Secret since divorce 4 months has been it. I've been picking poorly and with a little change I met the Comic.

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