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Birthday Plans

As the Comic joked, I unclenched my ass and pulled out a few coins.  I'm not a cheap person by nature, but I do have prices in my mind for everything.  Plus I know what I need to pay for in the coming future which will be a visit to see Eric next month.  However since it's my birthday next month I always try to get myself something special.  I'm not much a material guy so most things I want are small like a DVD or book.  I know doesn't seem exciting, but I enjoy them.  The stuff I really enjoy is doing stuff which can't be packaged.  

So anyway, the other day on my Facebook page I saw that ad for the Ultramarine movie and I was like WTF?  I'm a big Games Workshop fan even though I haven't played the games for years I still enjoy their books to read.  Anyway they made a movie which is really cool  Yes I'm geeking out so don't judge me.  The speed bump was that it's $40 for a movie which just doesn't work for me in my value system.  However I know that Games Workshop is the only one that will put it out and being British doesn't help.  So I forked the money over much to the Comics laughter.  It should be here around my birthday which will work out great.    

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Secret - thanks. It's not to Thanksgiving or the day after. I forget.


Your value system can be jerked ajar every once in a while...like for your birthday.
Happy Birthday.

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