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Sane Friends


I talk to the Comic a lot about her scale for knowing when to be hungry is way off.  Because of that her decisions and beliefs are illogical.  In my journey to be more optimistic I'm finding that I'm the same way.  I have what I want the day to be like.  If it isn't then it sucked which isn't helping me.  All or nothing thinking only makes it worse.  

So I'm working on changing my belief system when it comes to evaluating the day.  Yesterday I didn't want to make the change for the usual reason.  Change sucks.  Even though I know at some level that only good things can come from change.  So I'm trying to say that if half the stuff I wanted to happen happened it was a good day.  Now it's not because I'll accept a half assed job, but because what I want is my goals at the end of a 2-5 year plan.  It's not going to happen overnight even though I may want it to be that way.   

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Ooh. I wish I had not looked at that cartoon again and understood what was going on. Completely erased the post and my comment from my head!

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