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I'm over the mountain and back in a valley for a while.  It's just getting hard to blog like I use to.  Sorry it's been downgraded on my priority scale since it doesn't positively affect my paycheck.  Usually I remember to do it when I'm finish for the day and I have to decide if I'm leaving or staying later to post.  You can see who's been winning.  Anyway I'll do several post to catch you up since I hate 5 page posts.

It continues to be difficult to talk to Eric.  When I see him next weekend I'm going to need to set up something with him so I can reach him.  However the main thing that is still on my mind is Monday's call.  I finally reached him only to find out that he didn't dress up or go trick or treating.  WTF?  He says he wasn't in the mood this year.  What 11 year old turns down free candy.  The other was that in talking about our next visit to see him he was pretty blase about it.  

My mind instantly went to him being very depressed since it's Casa de Sunshine at my ex's place.  While I deal with minor depression she deals with major.  So I started projecting Eric drinking and doing drugs in a few years.  Not the greatest place to start, but I'm pessimistic so don't judge me.  I talked to my ex who said his pediatrician and school counselor had evaluated him since his grandfather's death.  He was handling it all appropriately.  Plus his grades where still up.  So we'll watch him and see how it goes.  

It did take a life of its own for a few days.  I'll better be able to evaluate him when I see him next weekend. 

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Two years ago, when he was 11, my younger son decided he didn't want to go trick-or-treating. I think he was feeling too grown-up. But he was back at it the next year and this.

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