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I'm stuck in the past today and not liking it.  The Comic called me yesterday very upset that she was informed they were going to foreclose on her house.  She was very upset since she had been doing everything they wanted and paying the modified amount they agreed on.  However since it wasn't the full amount they are now informing her that she is way past due and will start proceedings.  

I'm a guy and I like to fix, but there is nothing for me to fix here.  Or better said I can't afford to fix it.  So I've been loving and supporting which is all I can do.  However I don't like being powerless.  I really don't.  What's really got me is that I shared with her how it was for me when I separated and divorced from my ex. How I lost everything and pointed out what few things I own.  Also how alone I felt.  It really dragged me back.   Like I'm feeling like I'm living that life again when I'm not.  I know I buried most of those feeling along the way since it was just too much to handle.  Now I've opened the door and they're all flying out.  So when I got up all anxious this morning I had to sit around and enjoy my place for awhile just to let it sink in that everything is okay.  I'm not back in that life 5-6 years ago.  However the ick remains.

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How very sad. I'm sorry that you had to relive those bad memories, and I hope you can shake it off and focus on your bright future. Good luck to you, and to the Comic.


I am sorry to hear about the Comic. Makes me really dislike the banks.

It think all of your emotions came flying out because perhaps you tried so hard to forget instead of fully dealing with them at the time. Which I don't blame you, things I thought I put behind me sometimes come back to bite me full force in the ass.


Most of us can readily dip back into painful memories. The important part is the knowledge that you really aren't stuck there any more.


Mike, being deliberately sane on The Planet Of The Insane Apes is THE craziest thing anyone can do.

God & comedy ensue.....


hi Mike:
sometimes it's good to gag up some of those bad feelings so they can help you steer the right course with your NEW love....
also on the P90X, that is a gnarly program from what I hear, am curious how that goes for ya. You doing the food program part of it too? Impressed!

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