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Mental Health Day

 Well after 7 years of being in business I took a mental health day off.   Over the years I've come in late or left early to relax.  I've taken time off to go see Eric or take care of divorce crap.  However never in those years have I scheduled a day off just for me.  It's part of my taking better care of myself plan.  I have to admit it was nice and I'll schedule one a month.  However next month is a bit tricky since I still have no idea when Eric is celebrating his birthday so I can plan my trip.

Anyway I slept to normal time yesterday which is the norm for me.  I don't even need to set my alarm clock anymore.  I got to blast a lot of music which I haven't done in a while, go to the gym, clean my room up, hit the library, and relax at Barnes and Noble.  All things I haven't done in a while.  It was nice and relaxing. 

Yesterday was also 7 months for me and the Comic.  We went out to dinner to celebrate, but I had to bring her back home after wards since she has been sick for the last week.  However it was nice to spend some time with her.  

Between you, me, and a light post I've started and engagement ring fund.  Hopefully everything will continue to go great.  I'm not buying anything yet, but I never have a large sum of money burning a hole in any part of me.  So if I can stash some money in an envelope every week it will make it much less problematic if I decide to propose to the Comic.  We talk about our future pretty regularly with all aspects covered.  I have to admit I'm very happy.  This is all virgin territory for me.  The only other person I ventured this far was my ex and I was having problems with her already.  So to be happy and smooth sailing is great.  Our biggest attribute so far is our ability to talk everything out when anything has come up.

I did stop by my Mom's old place a few weeks ago. I'm rarely in the area and we happened to be there and I asked the Comic is she minded.  I was feeling a bit emotional and felt the need to stop by.  When I cleaned my Mom's place out it was done in under 30 minutes and I wasn't in the right frame of mind to say goodbye.  I felt the need to fall apart, but I didn't since that can be hard for me to do.  However I was glad I did it.

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Sometimes a little bit of fall apart can be good...and definitely a mental health day is valuable.

Very glad about the engagement ring fund. ~Mary


*clapping violently*

I am so happy to hear things are going well for you! I hope you had a good holiday season!


Ooooh, ring fund- sounds like she's more of a keeper every day.

I'm glad you got a day to yourself. You definitely deserve it.


I think mental health days are really important. I try to take one once in a while - 1-2 a month if I can.


that is so exciting...a ring fund!!! When it's good, you know!


So? Are you doing that 2-3 months salary thing for the ring? :)


Thanks all.

Pink - most likely not. I'm just putting away $20 a week. I'll use what I learned when I use to work in the jewelry industry to save me what I can. Most likely when the time comes it will be what I can afford.


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