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The Spirit of the Meeting

This morning was my monthly neighborhood business meeting. Yes the one that I am now in charge of. It's the only meeting that I have which makes me nervous. All my other meetings I'm in charge of also or at the least leadership, so what makes this different? I feel like I'm hanging out in the breeze. Then this morning I realized that in all my other meetings there are other positions and people helping. So that's how I went with it this morning. People got assignments last month so I just followed up on that and asked a lot of questions to the group. I do think I'm going to need to start making positions to have some extra accountability for people. However at the end, the true spiritual aspects of the group came out. People working together to help each out business wise just cause they work close together. It was nice to see.

I feel like I live logging camp. It's just so weird to come home and see trees down all over the property. With the change in time I get home and it's still light which is awesome. However the house is getting a lot of attention from the neighbors. People are stopping by to look or gawk as it may be at the place. No one's asked me anything which I don't care on.

I did get the ordinances for signs in the city today. After about 10 seconds of reading it, I thought my head was going to explode. Yes it had been legalized and no longer fit to be read by normal human beings. I'll try to make heads or tails of it all, but I think I'm screwed with 100 signs.

Tonight I'll grab my beach hike with L since the weather is so awesome today and then I'll meet the singles for game night. Kitcat gained major points by being a sci-fi geek since they are a rare breed female wise.

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I'm jealous of your beach hike :(

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