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Let's Spend the Night

Well it was 3 nights and 2 days over at Asp place. It went really well and it was good to see her again. Since we're both physical people it works very well. Our sexapades over the weekend were pretty vanilla, but still very enjoyable. One of the biggest reasons was trying to get her son back on a normal sleeping schedule. We took down all her holiday stuff and I did some home repairs for her. Some of the stuff Asp had done herself and it just needed some adjustments to make it stay better like shelves and holders. Asp was overjoyed with the shelving I put in her cabinets and the new thermostat. On her end she made some very good meals to eat. The only downside of the weekend was bringing my car to the mechanic. I don't have a high end car but jeez all the parts are expensive. I dropped 700 into it and still have another 8-900 to put into it. I knew it was all stuff I needed, but even he agreed that they couldn't just put new parts back in. They had to replace everything with my Chrysler. I'm happy to say it is driving better which I'm happy I can at least feel.

I had to call the landlord's ex who I'll nickname Tone over the weekend. I really didn't want to do it and it's because she's tied to his death in my mind. I got the service information and it brought a lot of the feelings of grief back up again. I was happy for the service today since it helped close a lot of things. I did meet some more of his family and friends. It was a nice service. I feel more closure now that it has happened.

Happy to say that the office is very busy today. I'm working on keeping it that way which is one of my resolutions. Other than that I'm working on Asp's Valentine's gifts. She likes silver and she has few earrings. So I'm buying her a bunch and I'll get her a gift certificate to Victoria Secret so she can get a few more bras that she wants.

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You're planning valentines day ALREADY?

Im wondering why the sex ended up being vanilla? Didn't I read about handcuffs recently? I used to have a toyboy who loved being handcuffed to my bed. sigh....those were the days...he was a hottie that one...and so much fun in bed...sigh...okay back to work for me.


Sooz - It's next month and I'm ordering stuff from China it seems so it takes time. Also I like doing things ahead of time so there is no stress. Asp didn't want me to tie her up that night. We ended up teasing each other for a few hours so we never looked for the blindfold. Like everything it needs planning to get off the ground.


Hey just an FYI, Victoria's Secret is having a huge sale right now, so you can get some pretty sweet deals right about now.


Thanks for the heads up Senorita. I tried buying bras for my ex years ago and it was such a hassle. I don't know Asp well enough to even have a clue.

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