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She Blinded Me with Library Science

Well I'm eternally grateful for the Autozone guy who pointed out where the camshaft sensor was. I tell you for a small plastic piece that cost $35 it caused a lot of car problems. Besides burning my finger since the engine was still hot, it only took 5 minutes to fix. Now the car drives great and I can feel my whole freaking body relax. I know car problems are my #2 stressor after finances. I could fall asleep right now. At some point I'll need to take the 3 hours to fix the solenoid. I've read how it's easy, just time consuming to get it out and replaced. Emission problems I can wait on.

Well my tenacity finally paid off today. After calling every day I finally got one of the baseball coaches and we setup an appointment for me to talk to all the players and parents. Like my coach said, five months ago I wouldn't have believed him on this continuing calling until I get someone. On the other side I stopped at Wesleyan college and the coach just walked me down to the trainer and we set something up also. I classify it as if you're not a business person this kind of stuff just isn't important. For me it's my livelihood so I have to keep on it.

The Hangover was a very funny movie. Not a classic, but a must see movie. I think it's like Torchwood. I enjoy watching it, but since I don't identify or want to be in any of the situations that the characters are in I don't bond with it.

On a slightly tangent topic since I get many of my DVD's from the library. Holy shit it was a bevy of beautiful women at the library today. I was trying not to get whiplash looking at them. They all had wedding rings so I'm taking their all stay at home moms. However what was it, MILF day at your local library?

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Yeah, car problems can be a real bitch. I'm glad you got that taken care of. I put in a lot of money into my car last year.


It's a Christimas Miracle! The camshft sensor is fixed!!!! Glad that's taken care of. And I'm sorry you didn't get the memo about National Take a MILF to the Library day!

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