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The Long and Winding Day

I'm tired. I spent the first half of my day in meetings. First up was my usual Tuesday BNI meeting. It went well. Do you remember the character Pat from the old SNL bits. Well "Pat" walked into our meeting today. I held this comment in, but I had to share it before I had an aneurysm with it.

Right afterwards I had to zoom over to another meeting across the city. It was a seminar on Constant Contact which I use with my patients and associates. The interesting thing about being a chiropractor or maybe its just me is that I know people from there backs. Hey it's what I have conversations with during treatment. I mention this since as I was walking in I spotted one of my business neighbors from the back of her head. The bigger surprise was when I'm sitting down during the seminar and I notice up a few rows the back of the head of Aroma girl. I'm not quite sure if she ever noticed me, but I did notice her. I had to admit I felt a little uncomfortable. Although after I talked to someone about it I realized I didn't have anything to feel uncomfortable about.

Aroma girl was the first woman I dated for short period of time after my separation from my ex. She ended up dumping me since I wanted to wait on having sex. Yes I know me. Actually I think this is why sometimes I move fast nowadays.

Anyway I ended up leaving early so I could pick up a physician's scale for $20. It was a steal and I was happy. I then raced back to the office to see a new patient who had forgotten there appointment. She works in a doctor's office so I had hoped this wouldn't happen, but it did. I was able to reschedule her later in the day. However then all my patients were back to back and I couldn't get to eat. What made it worse was my last patient was late.

So I ended up hurrying out of the office to meet the singles for Gran Torino. I've been wanting to see this movie for a while and it was great. Even old Clint Eastwood still packs a wallop. It may have been a $1 movie, but boy did they screw me over on food. With tip I ended up spending $15 for a coke and wings. WTF.

Anyway there was no 3rd letter for Phili or cops banging on the door for her. I was surprised that she left as many clothes here as she did. Besides some personal affects.

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Why is she called 'aroma girl'?

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