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Sometimes gifts come from the most unlikely places. The book I'm reading for business was one of them. I know the book is suppose to help, but I wasn't expecting it to help with my problem with changes. The E-Myth Physician spends and entire chapter on change.

Growing up in an unstable household with unstable adults makes me fear change since it never means anything good. Even when I was with my ex and I was miserable there was some comfort in knowing what was going to happen. The unknown was minimized. However without change true happiness can't happen.

What I got most out of the chapter were all the positive things that happen with change instead of just the absence of the negative which I usually use. There analogy was that you are contracted when you are resistant to change and open with the opposite. It's true. When I resist change I feel like a little kid holding something tight so it can't be looked at. Hopefully with a positive attitude of change I can rejoice when it comes around since I work so hard for it to happen.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I had an unstable childhood to a degree, but my parents could not control that and did their best with what they were presented with at the time, considering their own limitations(and we all have those..). I grew up liking change, and welcoming it,in most cases. Without taking advantage of it, I feel I'd be left thinking I had weathered a string of missed opportunities, but that would have been my own fault for not being open enough to take them on, take them in(to change).

I don't think you do so badly with change, since I believe most people that hate it would not be running their own medical practice, since every day is a little mystery doing that, & lots of this change up all the time. You might be doing a whole lot better than you give yourself credit for. ~Mary

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