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The Other Shoe that Couldn't

I was bummed tonight when the singles and I got together for Underworld 3. The computer listing said 9 and when we got to the theater it said 10:15. All we were told was that they weren't responsible for the Internet. Oh well at least they were easy with the refund. An apology would have been nice.

I've been haunted this week with doom and gloom. I'm easily trained. With all the stuff I've dealt with money and my Mom. I'm waiting for the other shoe to fall. Will it be the next phone call? In the mail box? Or maybe the next person through the door? I'm happy to say it's better than it was yesterday, but it's still lingering. What brought this wave on I have no clue. The weekend was good as was last week. So some how I dug a pit and through myself in cause I feel like I've been climbing out of it all week. It's an extra weight on me that I don't need.

I need to get my car inspected this month. I've had my engine light on since I was dating the Planner. Since we had the same cars and she had a scanner I scanned my car. It was an emission problem an didn't affect my performance. However I'm now trying to find the problem since it could be anything from the gas cap to a pump. So I asked one of my patients that's a mechanic who I've helped out a lot. He told me what to do to fix it. He also offered his code canceler. I didn't even know they had things like that. I would just unhook my battery to reset it before I got it inspected. It's always good to ask for help even though it may still be hard to do.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hooray for friends with good mechanical tips. ;)


That can be part of networking, too. Obviously he did not mind, as he offered his code canceler, w/out you even asking. :)

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