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Hump Day

Well things have cooled off around the house which is good. It allowed me to work on a few of my issues from childhood and angry adults. I've lived here for years and this really is the first major problem that I've experienced in the house. With all that I've blogged about Inverse this was expected.

I emailed D that I'm looking forward to seeing her tonight. I'll pick her up and we'll go the art museum to listen to jazz and look at the exhibits. Like many people that live here she has never been there. I'm looking forward to seeing her. Mostly to see where this is going. Yes I do have patience issues.
It's a slow day in the office so I'll be making a lot of phone calls. Some to see who is coming to the belly dancing event on the 22nd. I need to make more networking appointments for next week. The last thing I need to do is terminate my old insurance policy so I only have the one. Also I need to get rid of this new phone system I tried out. It doesn't work for me and the support sucks.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Great cartoon ... exactly what I'd like to see hanging in a museum!

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