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Since this is my only slow day and it's a gorgeous day outside. I've split my time inside and outside the office today. The temperature is suppose to drop 30 degrees by tomorrow so I'm enjoying 70 degree weather under a blue sky. I've made my phone calls. I even called to remind people of appointments. One person cancelled two appointments which sucked, but I have enough people coming in to still be a record week.

I do see that the more I'm in front of my patients, the more they come in and refer. Rocket science I know. I sent out three emails announcements this week through Constant Contact. If you have to send anything out professionally it's the way to go. So between my weekly motivation, St. Patrick's card, and patient appreciation invite I've been in front of them a lot. It's shown since they are a calling.

I finally scheduled a Happy Hour for the singles. Something I haven't done in a while. There not my thing, but most really like them. It's been about 7 months since I did one. They're usually well attended; so we'll see if it's a hit. I picked an associated place to help give him some business and it's nice place.

One more patient then it's off to game night. So it'll be grunt work until then.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm thinking, I wish my ass looked like that in a teenie tiny bathing suit.
I'm glad your having a record week and even had a change to go outside and enjoy the weather.


It also doesn't hurt to go out of your way to befriend the Neuro & Sports Med doctors in your area.


FYI: that chick's ass looks totally like mine.

In my dreams.


Nice to see a sun-warmed ass on a cold winter day :)

I'm not writing about food anymore - I'm back to sex :)

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