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There are times when I wish I was a simple person then I could just have sex with Inverse and be done with it. However I know it's not where my life is leading me. It was funny last night when she wouldn't believe that I was 42. She did follow up that younger women like older men.

I still have not mastered the confirmation phone call for meetings. Miscommunication this morning had me in Starbucks early waiting for a meeting that didn't happen and will be rescheduled next week. The interesting thing was that I was in the richer section of the city. This Starbucks has a fireplace. So I parked myself in front of it to read while I waited for my next appointment. An attractive woman did walk in with awesome posture. Hey what can I say I'm a chiropractor. I didn't start talking to her for 2 reasons. One is that I'm trying to hold off dating till the end of the month. The second was a saying I read in I forget whose journal which is so true about wearing sweats is pretty much saying you give up.

I guess life is pushing dating again since when I turned on my computer this morning a woman I was suppose to have Starbucks with last Sunday had left me an email. God I can't remember her nickname, although I might not have given her one since we never met. Anyway she said she had computer issues and was sick. I'm feeling flakedom with her. I responded telling her I would contact her when I get back from NY. I don't like the blow off and disappearing act. Any thoughts?

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I'm thinking she flaked too.


Once I found your blog again after reading you a few years ago, I've been following you on & off for a few weeks, since I am dating again & mostly hating it ;-0.
I don't think having sex with Inverse( guess I should read back to find out why she is called that. belly button?) would lead to the label: Simple person.

When I feel flakedom, I'm usually right with my first impression. I've never later said: Oh my God, what a deep person. I was so wrong!


I say, go with your instinct of flakedom~~
As for wearing sweats in public...I had no idea that concept was out there~~ I'm sure if you do meet up with Starbucks/missed appt. gal, you'll know right away what her nickname should be.


Dr. Leah and I said that wearing sweatpants out is a sign that a woman has given up... I'm wearing my sweatpants right now, inside. They said, "Full of hope" on the tush.

You're half-way through the month!

And, yes, sounds like flakedom


Found you through Charmaine. Single mom here with a 5 year old living in L.A.

with this didn't show up to Starbucks chick, if you think she is hot, give her one more chance, that is what I would say. I mention the hot part b/c it is hard to have physical chemistry with anyone and when it's there, you have to explore it.


The only time I'll wear sweats outside is if I'm walking the dog and it's the first thing in the morning walk, or occasionally if she needs an extra right before bed walk and I've already changed into sleep clothing. My daughter will occasionally wear sweats outside, but that's really only if she's enroute to or from dance class.

I suspect part of Inverse's attraction to you is that you're not actually as available as she'd like you to be:) And, good on you for sticking to what you believe is right. If you changed how you felt aobut her, then hey, fine, but if not, be true to yourself.

Fireplace, in Starbuck's? Wow. Not that it really gets THAT cold down there, very often, I wouldn't think.


You know that is an EXPERT on internet dating?

I have flaked after making a date. I do so because when faced the realization that I am going to meet someone that I did not really connect with over the phone... I chicken out.

I know it's rude.

If the guy calls me back and is funny, persistant etc. I might make another date and, I'm embarassed to say, flake again.

One flake....she's out. Unless you are REALLY drawn to her...forget about it.


Hey, the penis wants what the penis wants......... But having hot monkey sex with Inverse would be stupid, even if you were a simpler guy. She seems like she is has a screw loose, and you really don't wanna mess with that, no matter how hot she looks. One good orgasm and she'd start stalking you. She told you younger women like older men because she is trying to get you to pursue her. Like I said earlier, she wants to bang you.

I know, I'm not being sophisticated right now, but hey at least I am being honest........

I am happy to hear that you're holding off on dating. Life always tends to push dating when you're holding off, but that doesn't mean that the dates are any better.

I say don't give the flaker another chance. You deserve much better than to be treated up as a backup guy.

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