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Sane Friends

Where are the White Women At?

Okay this no dating is starting to become boring. While I have to admit I'm a happy single. I do enjoy the chase of dating. So without it this weekend I miss some of the excitement. While work is keeping me very busy during the day. I can only do so much me time. For me it's weird to say, but I enjoy socially interacting with others instead of my alone time. Years ago it would have been the complete opposite. While I still need alone time to recharge and center myself. The amount is getting smaller and smaller. Life just doesn't throw me as much as it use to do. I'm not saying I'm going to give up my not dating for the rest of the month, but I do miss it. I probably will ask Happy girl if she wants to go play pool this weekend. One to have something social to do and if she really meant being friends.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Sounds like it's time to call up your "bro's" and look for the....nevermmind...I won't finish that...*giggles*

White women huh? hehehehe

Remember ask by Wednesday for that Saturday date!


holy crap on a cracker...I blogged w/ the wrong e-mail...LOL opps


Hi Mike,
Hmmm ... maybe you should forget this "no dating" thing.

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