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Sane Friends

Decisions of Conscience

If you don't know it already I treat my patients differently from other chiropractors. A good example was that a friend goes to someone else and stated that she signed up for 40 visits. If a doctor is that good at knowing how many visits he should play the lottery and just clean up. Anyway 40 visits in my office would probably take about 3 years. However I will always stand by I'm not normal and my mission is to make people healthier. The real deal is no one can make another person. I just help your body do it and then teach you how to take care of yourself since I really don't want the job since it's not healthy. However the big bucks are not in this line of thought. So when I check my balance in my account and it's $1.80 and a new patient walks in that decision of how to treat is there. However I like to sleep at night and stick to my morals so everything stayed status quo.
I'm really looking forward to my date with the Photographer tonight. One thing I'm really enjoying about her is she has friends and a life. I got use to the Planner being so focused on work that everything else was dropping by the wayside, myself included. We're still not sure what we are doing tonight, but will decide when I get there. I didn't suggest this, but I would love to do what we did Sunday and just lay around in each other's arms and talk. It was so awesome I can't explain.

My talk with the Mary Kay ladies went very well and I got three names that will hopefully become patients. I've left messages and will have to try and track them down later on. It would be nice to turn around this slow trend. The event went so well I might be talking at other training centers. Who knew me the body language guru. Hey all that dating paid off.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Keeping to your ethics is absolutely the way to go, Mike. And I firnmly believe in the long run it will pay off as word of mouth and your good skill level/reputaion continue to spread, leading to more $$ in the bank eventually.

Have fun with the Photographer tonight :)

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