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Sane Friends

Just Checking

When I got up this morning I had to check to make sure HR Bridge and Tunnel hadn't been blown up during the night. Since the Planner has removed all connection between us I didn't know if she would remove the physical connection between the Southside and the Peninsula.

The Escort has abandoned her room and all her stuff. I never thought a woman would leave her wardrobe behind. Bizarre.

Today brings some extracurricular activities for me. I have a lecture with seniors today about taking care of their arthritis and how to perform a hand massage. Their will be no happy endings. Tonight is my patient appreciation for my patients with a whole bunch of spa treatments. I can see why my lectures are poorly attended. Even though people really think this is cool many people just can't make it.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

spa treatments don't have people coming in droves???

I'd be there with bells on. I swear. Even without the promise of a happy ending.


Almost sounds as if escort was arrested or otherwise incapable of returning for her things?

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