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Sane Friends

Fridays Come

I still haven't fully integrated my life with my new shoes yet. Case in point I walk into the gym this morning and I realized I don't have sneakers on, but my shoes. I'm considering it still when I realize I don't even have any white socks. I'm not working out in black socks. Way to high on the geek-o-meter and I have flashbacks to childhood and gym class. So I had to reschedule till tomorrow.

I do have to thank Annie for helping me get back on the positive side with the Florist. I soak up negativity like a sponge I've been told and I had dropped back into that feeling yesterday. She helped me remember all the positive points.

I tell you Spa girl and I are like gasoline and a match. One call and I'm trying to reign my mind in. I've forced myself to keep to the one return phone call back. She's very unreliable and I don't want my role as the moth and her the flame in this picture.

On my way over to salsa last night I drove by the BOA building and it was nice not to be working valet there anymore even thought that was a year ago. Also it's been about a month since I quit pizza and it's nice to have a life without a second job. No bags of money yet, but enough to squeak by on.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Good evening Mike. How come not black socks ? I wear black socks when I work out ? Does that make me ggeky ? no, don't answer that.. no-one cares 'cause they are checking out my boobs and not looking as low as my socks (lol).

Thank you... Glad that the postive stuff came to the fore. Sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit for our progress. Florist didn't sandbag you like she would have a few years back - you were smart enough to catch it, and apres sushi, make a graceful exit, no harm, no fowl (get it ? get it ? cause it was sushi :)

As for SpaGirl... You just go even slower than her... Don't be too reliable youself, play hard to get. And then pounce on her and RUN...

She probably has matches hidden in her purse for the guy that is nice and calls her the day afterwards...

The money will come, Mike. You're doing things the right way. Slow but steady. It's adding up. A new business usually takes 2 years to get off the ground and be running full steam ahead...

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