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Well after my entry earlier today MK Lady gave me a call to apologize for not making the cookout. Since she's a girl I asked her about the ring thing. She like most of you said that it's a finger and if a decorative ring fits it goes on. WTH? It's the finger? It should be as empty and a nun's hoo haa! Come on ladies work with us. Guys have a hard enough time figuring you out as it is. Now rings that don't mean anything. Anyway I drove past the salon on my way for errands and Spa Girl was right there walking in front of me. She was also on her cellphone chatting away so I just honked and waved as I drove by. Guess it will have to be another time.
Pigs must be flying cause I had a nice conversation with the ex about the phone and Eric. She had gotten no messages and was wondering why I hadn't called. So she said she would get her phone looked at to see what the matter is. Do I believe her? Who the hell knows, sorry to say. She did state that her dad had taken a turn for the worse, but it seems he is left home alone since she said he won't pick up the house phone. I did realize why she didn't put him in a facility. All of his money would be funneled into his care and then she would have to get a job. She may be nuts, but she ain't stupid. Through all of this I did get a chance to actually talk with Eric. It's been a few weeks.

My Mom still can't use her right hand, but can raise the arm. She's not talking as much and I don't know why. Yes and no questions she'll just shake her head, but more complex she'll answer. This has started since last weeks TIA. So at her meeting next week I'll ask that she start speech therapy since if she looses that she'll really go down hill. Talking to my brother today I told him it's time for Mom to go. She's just fading way bit by bit and it's a real shame.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Actually she is stupid. Taking care of an aging and sick parent is a bigger, more draining, and stressful job than any "real job".


I'm not sure why some women wear rings on 'the finger' if they're not married. I can only assume it's for one of the following reasons:

1. They do not want to date right now, OR

2. They think men will figure out that it's not a wedding ring and that it's just there for decoration.

If #2 is the reason, then they're assuming way too much. Most men can't tell the difference.

P.S. Your mom is in my prayers.

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