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Since I had some minimal free time this week I signed up to go Salsa dancing tonight and after She's house warming party head out dancing with people I don't know. Hey I accept that I'm nuts and just go with it. Anyway I awoke this morning with gibbering monkey part of my brain trying to talk me out of tonight. That I don't know anyone and I haven't salsaed in a while. However I made a promise to myself years ago not to let fear rule my life. Growing up I let fear and insecurity stop me from experiencing a lot of life. When I realized it I swore I would no longer do that. Looking back I've done very well with it. So armed with my promise I'll be there to salsa. As far as I can tell Salsa Girl is the only one going besides me. I know she is very good so I'm feeling a slight bit intimidated.

My Landlord agreed this morning to be my witness next Thursday at my divorce hearing. Happy for that since he is dependable and in 7 days I want it all over.

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Good Thursday to you, Mike !

Enjoy tonight's Sala dancing - being brave is part of the accomplishment -- it isn't in how good you are from the start - it's that you are trying and learning :)

7 days is quick - congratulations on the reilief and closure of endings and then the promise and hope of new beginnings !

Loving Annie


Yeah! to the amazing landlord and to you


Oooohhh!! I'm so jealous Mike! I've wanted to take dancing lessons forever and Salsa?? That's great. I hope you had a great time.

Congrats on the divorce hearing, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it goes easily for you.

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