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Sane Friends

Latin Dancing

OMG was it fun. The funny thing is that it started weird. It was a Meetin event and I had never met anyone before. When I arrived a little early the place was empty. I mean empty. It was only me and the bartender. Slowly people started to arrive. However no one from the group. Now the event was suppose to start at 7:30. It was 7:45 and still no one. Then just before 8 this girl Jinni arrived. We both new our pics from the event site, but there was still no sign of the person hosting it. Anyway the lessons began. Now I've paid $10 in the past for lessons and the lasted less than an hour. This was free tonight and we learned salsa and merange. I mean the guy does teach us the Evelyn Wood way, but it was fun none the less. He did pay a lot more attention to teaching the women then he did us guys. We got shown once and that was it. So salsa is like building a nuclear device with Popsicle sticks. You can sort of make it look like it, but it doesn't really work right. Now merange was a different story. I can do that very easy and I can guide my partner with some ease.

Now one thing I do admit being there is that I miss the Hispanic community. I worked it for most of my chiropractic career. Okay I really miss Hispanic women. They drip sexuality. Form there outfits to their movements. We were constantly changing partners. Asians and Caucasians we kept or personal space. However with the Latinas it was up close and personal. I tell you it was nice to guide a woman through a twist and feel a bare back.

Anyway Jinni and I just didn't click. We danced well together, but that was it. When I wanted to dance some more she told me it was okay to ask other women. So I asked the pair of girls next to us. Smile girl jumped at the chance. Both were attractive, but I was happy Smile girl accepted. Her friend while attractive and half dressed smoked. Something I didn't want to smell. I instantly liked Smile Girl. Her laugh and smile just drew me in. We had a fun time dancing and talking. I really wanted to kiss her. However when lessons started again we were separated by incredibly good looking couple. At least I think they were a couple. I knew they knew each other. Anyway I got the girl and Smile Girl the guy. It was merange time and it's more of a sensual dance when down right. So it was probably better if I wasn't with Smile Girl since we didn't know each other that well. However I had a tall, gorgeous, Latina to dance with. No real chemistry, but dancing was very exciting.

Through it all I lost Smile Girl and wound up back with Jinni. I really wanted to get back to Smile Girl, but she was dancing with another guy who was sticking to her like glue. I waited at the table waiting for them to finish so I could ask her out if this guy didn't click with her. Jinni decided to leave. While I was waiting I asked someone else out to dance, but she was very good and I couldn't keep up so it didn't last long.

Taking a seat again I nursed my drink until Smile Girl came back off the dance floor with out the guy. She came over to me to talk before walking back over to her friend. I waited to see what the guy was doing since they hung out for a while. However he disappeared so I went over and asked Smile Girl if she would like to go out for drinks next week. She said yes and we exchanged numbers.

I think I'm going to have to make sure that I have Thursdays off cause that was so much fun.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Good Friday morning to you Mike !
Glad that you had fun dancing with Smile Girl, and exchanged numbers ! Very nice !


Hope she calls you back. :)

Nice blog.

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