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Condom Announcement

I do want to thank everyone for the email telling me the dangers of leaving condoms in the hot summer car. I do know this. I don't even remember how they came to be in there. However like a few extra bits of crap that didn't make the list their not in the way. The true reason is that it's a crying shame to toss out condoms that were never used. For whatever reason. It's like finding an expired gift certificate. Shit it had value and so much potential. But atlas it was wasted.

P.S. I can't believe Microsoft had pictures of condoms in their database.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

"I can't believe Microsoft had pictures of condoms in their database."


I can't believe *YOU* posted a blog called "Condom Annoucement"!! Dude..you are so gonna get tons of porn spam now! ;)


You mean those pretty colored condoms aren't really yours?


I never figured out why they even make pretty colored condoms, either.

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